Table III

The plants in Table I were represented in the following formulations in the British Pharmacopoeia 1864

Formulation Number of entries Including:
Tinctures 54 Lavender
Extracts 31  
Unguents 14  
Oils 27 Rosemary, Lavender, Juniper
Infusions 27 Infusum Rosae Acidum
Spirits 8 Juniper, Lavender, Rosemary
Syrups 12 Rosa gallica syrup
Decoctions 13  
Waters 12 Rose
Confections 7 Confectio Rosae caninae, Confectio Rosae gallicae
Pills 13  
Liniments 10  
Enemas 5  
Powders 8  
241 Total Entries

The full list of entries to the BP 1864 contains many unformulated herbs and other less common formulations