Table II

Native British plants from Table I

Common Name Origin
Monkshood cultivated in Britain
Dill cultivated in England
Oil of Anise distilled in Europe
Chamomile flowers wild and cultivated in England
Horseradish root cultivated in Britain
Arnica root collected Middle/S Europe
Deadly Nightshade cultivated in Britain
Caraway cultivated in England & Germany
Iceland Moss N. Europe
Colchicum Corm Indigenous
Hemlock wild British plants
Coriander cultivated in Britain
Digitalis (Foxglove) wild indigenous plants
Dulcamara (Bittersweet) indigenous plants
Ergot European
Fern Root indigenous
Galls European
Gentian Alps, Apennines
Liquorice Root cultivated in England
Pearl Barley cultivated in Britain
Hyoscyamus (Henbane) Indigenous
Cherry-Laurel leaves cultivated in England
Lemon Peel/oil/juice S. Europe
Linseed Meal/oil/seed cultivated in Britain
Hop cultivated in England
English Oil of Peppermint Oil distilled in England
English Oil of Spearmint Oil distilled in England
Mulberry Juice cultivated in Britain
Croton Oil (Spurge) expressed from seeds in England
English Oil of Juniper Oil distilled in England
English Lavender Oil Oil distilled in England
Olive Oil S. Europe
Poppy Capsules cultivated in Britain
Oak bark plants growing in Britain
Red-Poppy Petals indigenous plants
Hips indigenous plants
Cabbage-Rose Petals plants cultivated in Britain
Red-Rose Petals plants cultivated in Britain
English Oil of Rosemary Oil distilled in England
English Oil of Rue Oil distilled in England
Savin (Juniper) plants cultivated in Britain
Elder Flowers indigenous plants
Broom Tops indigenous plants
Mustard cultivated in England
Stramonium Leaves & Seeds (Jimsonweed/Datura) cultivated in Britain
Dandelion Root meadows and pastures in Britain
Elm Bark indigenous & cultivated in Britain
Bearberry Leaves indigenous plants
Valerian indigenous & cultivated in Britain
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This last list contains some Native ‘poisonous’ plants always noted in Botanical floras: Monkshood, Nightshades, Henbane, Bittersweet, Rue; the culinary herbs: Mustard, Caraway, Coriander, Dill, Mints etc; some flowers: Rose, Elder, Poppy, Broom; a few roots: Dandelion, Licorice, Fern, Arnica, Horseradish; seeds: Poppy, Linseed. Interesting to note here is the overlap of food and medicine, and in particular the use of culinary herbs in the British Pharmacopoeia.